Farmhouse Fall

Well I’m about as late as can possibly be to the fall decorating game. Especially considering I decorate for Christmas towards the beginning of November (insert facepalm) BUT I did it. And I’m loving it. And it’s making me pretty darn happy to look at. SO. I’ll just blog about it. I’ll link the sources … More Farmhouse Fall

Faryn’s Baby Shower

With big help from Jordan and Cara, (I just made the cake and provided a clean home lol)  our house got transformed into a tropical paradise for Jenna’s baby shower!These cookies were from Cookies on the Side in Huntersville and they were DELICIOUS as well as beautiful! Party favor scrunchies were made by Cara!The decoratorsMean Mamas? lol … More Faryn’s Baby Shower

Good News!

What is the “good news” of the gospel? When you think of God, is the first thing that comes to your mind “good” or “bad?” Did you know that the whole New Testament is supposed to be known as the GOOD news of the gospel of grace? Look it up! I just finished reading from … More Good News!