Farmhouse Spring – II

This year I’ve updated a few things in our dining room, so I thought I’d post this years look and see what you thought about the changes!

First off, we bought a new rug. I think it makes the space a little cozier. Plus, it’s been super easy to clean with Resolve, so that’s nice! (I was worried about the white.)

We also snagged a new buffet table from a friend of mine! What do you think about the blue? Leave it? Or paint it white/cream?

Thanks for stopping by! Check previous posts for sources! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Farmhouse Spring – II

  1. Which color rug did you get? It looks pretty light online, but yours has nice color. My floors are light so I want to make sure it pops, but I LOVE the rug!


  2. I love your dining room! So elegant! I have my eyes set on a Bassett farmhouse table. Could you tell me if your tables edges are standard or live edge?


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