Faryn’s Baby Shower

With big help from Jordan and Cara, (I just made the cake and provided a clean home lol)  our house got transformed into a tropical paradise for Jenna’s baby shower!5V3A58475V3A58485V3A58575V3A58605V3A58635V3A58705V3A58755V3A58875V3A5891These cookies were from Cookies on the Side in Huntersville and they were DELICIOUS as well as beautiful! 5V3A58935V3A5900Party favor scrunchies were made by Cara!5V3A59175V3A5926The decorators5V3A5939Mean Mamas? lol 5V3A5962Yes, this is as big as Jenna got!

5V3A5837This is Eleanor (Faryn’s bestie)


And here is Faryn! (Yes, I realize this blog post is a little late) We love you so much sweet girl and can’t wait to watch you grow!


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